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We recently met with our friends at Stephens Real Estate. We enjoyed fielding questions and providing information on several topics. Some of these had accompanying resources we have linked below. These are, of course, general resources. Contact your tax professional for guidance associated with your specific circumstances.

Small Business Expensing under Code Section 179

Business Tax Deductions You Might Miss

Home Office and Commuting Expenses

Tax Write-Offs for Heavy SUVs

Home Office Deduction for the Self-Employed Individual

Estimated Taxes for Individuals

New Kansas Pass-through Entity State Tax Deduction

Business Use Vehicles and Tax Deductions

Tax Treatment of Meals and Entertainment Expenses

Meeting Clients or Patients At Home

Having an Occasional Home Office

Creating a Plan for Paying Individual Estimated Taxes

Rental Real Estate Treated as Qualified Business Income

Retirement Plan Options for Self-Employed Individuals

Tax Deductions for Self-Employed Health Insurance

Tax aspects of self-employment

When are gifts deductible as a business expense?